Interior Painting

Whether you’ve been living in your home for years or have just become a new homeowner, a home isn’t truly yours until the interior has been personalized and customized to reflect your personality. Interior painting goes a long way towards displaying someone’s personality through the look of their home. At Northeast Painting, we provide a wide range of interior painting services to suit your needs. The following will go into detail about what to expect with our residential interior painting offerings.

Experience and Interior Services

At Northeastern Painting, our interior painting services are provided to customers in and around the St. Petersburg area by employees and personnel that have over 30 years worth of experience within the industry. As such, you can be assured that all of our residential interior painting services will be delivered to you in an efficient and professional manner. Not only do we finish any interior painting project on time, we also strive to be on budget, while still using high quality paint and materials in order to achieve a finished product that will be above everyone’s expectations. We provide full estimates before the project and offer a warranty for all of the interior paint jobs we complete in order to ensure that you are fully satisfied. It’s also important to note that the interior painting project that you want done is all based on your personal specifications. As we aim for our customers to be wholly satisfied, it’s our job to bring your vision to life.

Available Color Selections and Paint Sheens

One of the best aspects of choosing Northeast Painting to do business with is that you will gain access to a bevy of color options, even ones that are more unique than the standard colors typically used on an interior painting project. While the choice of color is entirely up to you, there have been numerous times where our customers just aren’t sure of which color(s) would go well with the rest of their home. If that’s the case, our many years of experience provides us with the perfect opportunity to advise you in these situations and come to a decision that will really bring out the personality of your home. There are times when, before the painting has begun, we will discover a portion of drywall in your home that may be damaged and in serious need of repair or replacement. If this issue arrives, we will repair this before beginning the interior painting project.

No interior painting project is complete without choosing the right type of sheen for your walls. Adding sheen to the walls is designed to incorporate a sort of gloss or shine to the paint. Sheen varies wildly, typically ranging from a no luster finish to a high gloss finish that is exceedingly shiny, allowing you to select the one you think is best. A sheen will also help to make the interior walls more attractive and noticeable, which is why many customers choose a sheen that is at least slightly glossy. Satin is likely the shiniest sheen available.

Paint Preparation and Painting Process

Before painting a room or interior, we need to incorporate what is known as paint preparation. This allows us to add protection to any object within the rooms where the painting project is taking place and remove any clothing from closets or pictures and paintings from walls in order to allow for a smooth process that doesn’t ruin any of your belongings. However, preparation involves much more than this. All wall blemishes, such as holes and cracks, need to be properly repaired before the painting begins to ensure that the coats of paint are applied evenly and nothing more needs to be done in this area after the painting has been applied.

The trim typically needs to be caulked once again and multiple coats of paint are possible, particularly if you’re changing from one color to another, such as from white to maroon. The actual painting process is done with the usage of standard rollers and brushes. There are also rare occasions wherein spraying the paint onto the walls or ceiling is necessary.

Updating Interior Aesthetics

You also might want to consider providing an update to the overall interior layout of your home, which we will help you with. If you don’t like the way your bumpy ceiling looks, we could change it all throughout your home to a smooth ceiling. While this might seem like a small change, it can make a world of difference. If you no longer like the look of the wallpaper that’s been installed, we can paint right over that. As one of the best interior painters St Petersburg FL has to offer, we can give your home the look and feel you have always dreamed about.







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