Finding the Perfect Paint Color Has Never Been This Easy

choosing a color

The basis of any home renovation project is a fresh paint job. The color of a room can have a drastic affect on the overall aesthetic of any living or commercial space, and also our mood. According to research, colors accounts for 60% of an individual’s response to a general object or location.

Yet choosing a color can be a difficult process. Not only are there many options available, but there’s also major things to consider such as personal preference, home renovation budgets, and more.

But worry not! Choosing a color for your next painting project should be a breeze with these 3 tips:

  1. Set the tone. Before choosing a color, ask yourself: what purpose does this room aim to serve? Think about who will be occupying the space, and what for. Color sets the mood of any setting, so be sure to pick shades that are appropriate for the function of the room. If you’re painting a personal room such as a bedroom or office space, you may want to consider the particulars of who that room belongs to. For example, studies show that 51% of men prefer bright colors for furniture and interior wall paint. On the other hand, 76% of women prefer calm, cooler paint colors.

    It may help to personify the room itself and consider what mood it’s going for. Is the bedroom in question supposed to be a dramatic, yet luxurious room? Maybe a deep red will do. Or if you’d like a tranquil office space, oceanic greens and grays will be suitable candidates.
  2. Check the trends. While we all have our aesthetic preferences, everyone needs a little push in the right direction every now and again. Luckily, color companies such as Pantone release a report of trending colors for each year and season. Right now, for example, the color trend for 2015 calls for calm, tranquil shades that are simplistic and evoke the natural world. In fact, Pantone’s current color of 2015 is Marsala, a “naturally robust and earthy red wine” shade.

    If you’re just plain unsure of what shades are out there, check out your local painting contractor or home improvement store and pick up a paint deck or color wheel. There are a multitude of color companies out there that offer every shade of every color under the sun. With options a’plenty, you’ll be sure to find the right one.
  3. Take it for a spin. As the old consumer adage goes: always try it before you buy it. While a paint color may look one way on the color wheel, it rarely looks identical when slapped on the wall. Instead, buy a sample size of the paint in question and try a few coats on a small section of the wall in your room of choice. Make sure it looks exactly how you like it, and compare and contrast the shade with accompanying furnishings. That way, you’ll save money and be able to find the ideal shade.

<  Choosing a color for next interior house painting project is always an exciting endeavor of creative expression. With these 3 tips, finding the right shade should be a breeze.

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