Exterior Painting

Nothing can improve your home’s look quite as quickly as repainting its exterior. However, the benefit you will get from painting depends on the quality of the workmanship. A poor paint job can negatively affect your home’s look. Many factors can affect the quality of a paintjob from the painter’s skill to the type of paint chosen. Consider the following guide to exterior painting:

Benefits of Exterior Painting
The ways in which a properly painted home can be beneficial include:

• Increased Home Value
In fact, a paintjob is the ideal way to improve your home’s curb appeal on a budget. The exterior of a house helps to form the first impression of a home for prospective buyers, but only if it is aesthetically pleasing. The quality of the paintjob has a lot to do with the exterior’s aesthetic appeal.

• Protection From the Elements
Consider the wear and tear that your home undergoes due to the weather. Painting helps to protect your exterior surfaces from wind, sun and water damage.

• It is a Fast Upgrade
When compared to other ways of improving your home such as replacing your roof or renovating your kitchen, painting it can be quick and relatively easy.

• Colors Can Hide Flaws
For example, the use of two shades of color may alter the perception of a home’s dimensions. A home that is too tall or that is too wide may appear more proportionately sized if a darker color is used on the exterior’s upper half. Similarly, small windows may appear to be larger when trimmed with a lighter color whereas darker colors may make them look smaller.

Choosing the Right Colors For Your Home’s Exterior
It is a good idea to look around you neighborhood to see which colors are commonly used. You should pay special attention to homes that have a similar size and design to yours. There are websites that allow you to see how your home would look with different color schemes. You can also consult a professional painting contractor for their recommendations. Painting professionals understand the characteristics of different paints. They can also advise you on how paints from each of the major paint manufacturers hold up over time.

The Dangers of Doing it Yourself
Painting is perceived as a less technical skill than other forms of home improvement. This means that many homeowners are more likely to take on painting their home’s exterior than would be willing to try upgrading electrical wiring or installing new plumbing. However, there is much more to painting the exterior surface of a home than simply rolling on a couple of coats. Consider the following problems that many DIYers face when they attempt to paint their home’s exterior:

• Inadequate Preparation
The exterior surface will have to be properly prepared before any paint is applied to it. The preparation can be labor intensive as it may mean peeling off loose paint and sanding the bare spots. It will also be necessary to protect nearby areas from splatters and spills. If you are not willing or able to invest time and effort into proper preparation, consider hiring an exterior house painter instead of doing it yourself.

• Lack of the Right Equipment
Painting the outside of a house is not a job you can do with one ladder. You will need at least two ladders along with scaffolding, drop cloths and a power washer. You can rent or buy these items, but that makes doing it yourself more expensive. Professional painters will have all of the necessary tools at hand.

• High Level of Risk
For those with no experience working on scaffolding, painting the exterior of a house can be hazardous. Professionals have the experience needed to work safely without causing harm to themselves or others.

When you invest in your home’s value by painting the exterior, you should make sure that you get the best possible return on that investment. As experienced St Petersburg painters, we can keep your home looking good for years while saving you money.







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