Color Consulting
One of the most frustrating aspects of starting any painting project for virtually any homeowner is to choose a good color palette for their home. Should you pick a neutral scheme that will harmonize with everything? Should you try and use color choices that complement your furniture or flooring? Which colors complement each other the best? Choosing the ideal color palette takes a great deal of consideration. If you get it wrong, the entire atmosphere of the room will fall short.

There are times when you simply need an objective set of eyes to help you. If you’re unsure about working with a professional color consultant to assist you in sorting out your color dilemma, you’re not alone.

A good candidate for color consultation is someone who has stacks and stacks of paint swatches, has a rainbow of painted samples on their walls, and keeps going back to the paint store to find even more colors to consider. In other words, they’re having a very difficult time making a final decision. They think they don’t have a clue what they like. However, their only problem is that they lack vision and overall confidence. These people need professional color consulting.

We provide our customers with several tools and ideas to help them in this crucial process so they can finally make a decision. Sometimes you just need a pair of expert eyes to see what you can’t. A professional color consultant can look at the entire space objectively and offer insight into how to properly unite the colors in all the furnishings in the room in order to achieve the perfect paint color.

If you’re beyond frustration trying to figure out your color scheme, it’s time to get help from a professional color consultant. Here are some general tips to get you started in the right direction.

Professional Color Consultants

There’s a common misconception that all expert color consultants are only used by rich people and they their expert services must cost a fortune. While in some cases this is probably true, most professional color consultants are very helpful and are willing to work with anyone in order to produce a desirable end result.

Our highly-trained professional consultants are fully dedicated to keeping up on all the latest trends when it comes to color and overall design. They’re experts at looking at every aspect of your home’s decor in order to choose ideal paint colors that will complement your overall style. It’s a good idea to spend a few hours of time with a professional in order to ensure that their project is something that they’ll be happy with for years to come.

A color consultant has the ability to determine the best color palette for your room by looking at every feature of the room including flooring, draperies, furniture, and artwork. Also, it’s important to consider how the light in the room will impact the color on the wall. For example, the afternoon light streaming through the windows will look different on the wall color than the way the morning light will appear. A good color consultant will take this into consideration.

If you’re ready to get some expert help on color, here are a few tips on how you can prepare yourself for your consultation:

First, make your color consultation even more creative by doing a bit of homework on your own beforehand.

• Find color inspiration from the web.

Visit sites like Houzz and Pinterest to find a plethora of color inspirations. You can literally see thousands of photos that will spark your creativity for your own particular project. In fact, you may want to copy and save all the images you like in order to show your color consultant what kind of color scheme you’d like to see in your own home.

• Use colors that match your overall style and personality.

Use one of the many online color visualization tools to help you envision your finished room more easily. This will give you a good starting point for knowing what you like in terms of color schemes.

• Use your intuition and the process of elimination.

Start narrowing-down the colors that you do like so it will make it easier to determine the ones you do like. Look at a wide variety of colors and styles so you can convey that information to your consultant so you’re both on the same page. Take a look in your clothes closet. What colors and styles do you see there?

• Focus on the permanent features in the room.

What pieces do you intend to keep for a very long time in the room? Those pieces should be a big determining factor on what color ends up on the wall. Carpeting and fabrics will change or wear-out over time, so it’s best to put more focus on the items that you want to keep, such as artwork or certain antique pieces.

Get the whole family involved. Color professionals recommend involving the entire family when making such an important decision as wall color. After all, they live there too. Our company can help with your color choices every step of the way.







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