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Feb 7, 2015

Does the Exterior of My Tampa, FL, Home Need to Be Repainted?

If the painting on the outside of your Tampa, Florida residence appears chalky or is peeling and flaking off, then there’s a good chance that you need professional repainting service. If a part of the exterior of your home receives ample exposure to weather conditions such...
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Mar 7, 2015

Ideas for Choosing and Protecting Your Bathroom Paint

It may not be the most public room in the house, but most homeowners want a bathroom that is stylish, comfortable and inviting. When decorating and designing this room, they must consider things such as color, texture, lighting and space. However, one of the best ways to add...
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Apr 7, 2015

How Do I Find an Honest Painter? Looking for a Paint Contractor in St. Petersburg, FL.

In the 21st century where the Internet is so important, many people turn to it for everything they need. The problem with this when it comes to finding painters is that the Internet cannot always be trusted to lead you the right way. Many Internet review are either skewed or...
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May 7, 2015

Choosing Interior Colors – What’s the Best Process?

If you’re getting ready to paint your home, you might be wondering about how to approach the task of choosing interior colors. What’s the best process? How can you ensure that you’ll end up with a color scheme that you truly love? We offer the following...
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choosing a color
Jun 19, 2015

Finding the Perfect Paint Color Has Never Been This Easy

The basis of any home renovation project is a fresh paint job. The color of a room can have a drastic affect on the overall aesthetic of any living or commercial space, and also our mood. According to research, colors accounts for 60% of an individual’s response to a...
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